Eric A. Blossom

Eric spent 8 years tilting at windmills in an attempt to bring truely secure telephones to the market place. In his most recent attempt he was co-founder and CTO of Starium Ltd., where he developed and brought to market the Starium 100 voice security device. This small device, which connected between the handset and base of a standard desk phone, provided a combination of excellent voice quality and world class privacy protection.

The devices, designed before the selection of the Advanced Encryption Standard, used a 2k-bit Diffie-Hellman exponential key exchange to set up a unique key for each call, and then used Triple-DES in a variant of counter mode to secure the digitized and compressed speech.

For those with a technical bent, the protocol specification for Blossom's first generation secure phone, the GSP 8191 (aka Bat Phone) is available here (128k pdf).